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I am Laura and this is my husband, Bobby. We have been together 18 years, and have two amazing children, Bryson, 8 and Paisley, 4.  We lived a pretty average life up until four years ago.  Then, our daughter, Paisley, was born and she changed our lives.  See Paisley had a stroke while I was pregnant with her.  She has since been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (cerebral meaning “brain related” Palsy meaning paralyzation). Paisley has very limited movement in her right arm and hand, but that doesn’t stop her.  


As a mom to two kids, I feel like I am being pulled in several different directions.  First of all, I should have a medical degree or at least a degree in some type of therapy as much as I have been to the doctor and to therapies with my child.  The first year after her diagnoses we had on average 16 therapies a month and 4 doctor appointments a month. Paisley now has around 10 therapies a month, and one doctor visit a month. Both of my kids take swim lessons and gymnastics.  My son plays baseball and basketball. My husband has a full time job and builds custom golf carts as a hobby. I on the other hand run around like a chicken with her head cut off most days. I manage this website, and I have started a support group for Mom’s of Pediatric Stroke Survivors in the Nashville, TN area.  I also homeschool Bryson and Paisley; which is a job by itself. As you can tell we stay pretty busy.  

We try to live as healthy as possible.  We don’t typically eat fast food, drink sugary drinks, or eat a lot of sweets. I take the all natural approach to cleaning so we use as little chemicals as possible in our home.  I even make a lot of my own products. I have seen the health benefits of essential oils on my family so I use them regularly.  I am also a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. 

Throughout this blog, I will teach you how to get the chemicals out of your life, and live healthier too. I will show you how to advocate for your child, and provide you resources of information to help you educate yourself  and others about  pediatric strokes and other disabilities.  I will provide you with inspirational stories from families all over the country who have taken their child’s diagnose and turned it into something positive. As you read our story you may find several similarities with your own story.  Although, everyones situation is different we all have one thing in common we are raising children who may need a little extra help, but they are no different than our typical developing children in the aspect of they just want to be a kid. 


So lift your head up and stay positive as we go through this journey together.